Bike So Good offers professional service and repair for all bicycles, new and old.  
We carry a full range of bike parts, and can special order any unusual parts that you may need.  
We have a small selection of quality used bikes for sale.  
Stop in and see if we have something you like!  

The Tune $120


Clean entire bicycle

remove, clean, and lube entire drivetrain, including chain, drive side crank, front and rear derailleurs

Add grease to hubs and adjust bearings, remove and lubricate freehub or freewheel

True wheels for roundness, straightness, and balanced tension appropriate to the rim and spokes in question

Adjust bottom bracket where possible, ensure drive side is fixed firmly in frame regardless

Adjust headset
Adjust braking and shifting
Adjust any other systems on the bike

Overhaul $200


Bike Completely disassembled & reassembled

Wheels trued

Hubs, headset and bottom bracket overhauled

Everything cleaned, lubed, reinstalled and adjusted, including any accessories


Wheel Build $50

  + cost of parts  

Professionally built wheels made to order.

Guaranteed True for the life of the wheel


Wheel True $25


Fix a Flat $13

  (includes new tube!)  
  Except for flat repair, prices do not include parts!  
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